About Us

Who We Are:

People are researching the internet for information on their medical conditions and treatment options. Maria Cano, RN recognized this several years ago. Thanks to her foresight and vision, she founded Columbus Clinical Services.

Columbus Clinical Services has grown rapidly to become one of Miami’s top resource for conducting clinical trials. As the principal of Columbus Clinical Services, Maria works with a team of trained study coordinators, taking care to match clinical trials with physician investigators who perform quality research.

While Columbus Clinical Services specializes in gastroenterology studies, we are not limited to that. We have access to hundreds of physicians who are interested in clinical research. Turn to us for your clinical trials needs. We will provide you with quality data within timelines and budget.

What We Do:

Some physicians can meet enrollment deadlines based on the number of patients in their practice. As a result, many sites fall behind in enrollment having not conducted a comprehensive feasibility study.

We meet our deadlines and often exceed enrollment. Columbus Clinical Services achieves enrollment because they know their patients and can anticipate their interest and compliance in participating in clinical trials.

When we need to reach out to patients in the community through advertising we put ourselves in the patient’s shoes. We post ads where our target audiences are located, using the internet and traditional forms of advertising.