Hispanics Participation In Medical Research In Miami

The Hispanic people participating in medical research in Miami and across the country is small in comparison to the rest of the population. Why are Hispanics and other minority groups under-represented in research studies on new medications? Patients who have the same language and cultural background as their physicians are more trusting and likely to participate in clinical trials. There are fewer Hispanic physicians and even less who conduct clinical trials. This results in fewer patients being offered the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.

Medical research in Miami, Florida can provide information on how a drug is metabolized in the body. The information will tell how effective the drug is and if there are any side effects in the Hispanics that would otherwise not be detected. It is important to include patients of all races and ethnic backgrounds in clinical trials in order to evaluate a drug’s effectiveness and safety. There is not a one-size-fits-all drug for patients which is why there are so many different drugs for the same disease.  More than 50 medications are available by prescription to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). Physicians must consider many factors before prescribing the right medication for a patient. There are hundreds of clinical trials being conducted in Miami hospitals, universities and community doctor’s offices. There are research centers such as Columbus Clinical Services where doctors focus entirely on conducting clinical trials on many new drugs for medical problems.

Patients who are taking responsibility for their health are searching the internet for information on treatments available for their medical problems. Patients who speak Spanish as their primary language adds a  layer of complexity. The research staff must be fluent in Spanish in order for the patient to fully understand what is involved in a clinical trial and be able to give fully informed consent. These and other issues impact the number of patients who are enrolled and retained in medical research studies. These issues must be addressed by patients and medical research teams in Miami, FL and other cities in the US. Implementing new plans may offer solutions to increasing the number of patients in Hispanic communities who participate in clinical trials.

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