Our Facility

Columbus Clinical Services is proud to welcome patients and clients to our state of the art facility. We have over 1500 square feet of space to conduct clinical trials. Upon arrival you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist who will offer you a beverage and promptly inform the study coordinator that you have checked-in. Study monitors and patients are escorted to treatment rooms or the conference room to protect patient privacy.

Our two exam rooms and a conference room allow us ample space to meet with patients and clients. Each room is equipped with a computer and wireless high speed internet connectivity. Study monitors enjoy the comfortable and quiet atmosphere while reviewing study data.

Our facility is equipped with secure drug storage area with limited access and double lock, temperature controlled storage system Spot Vital Signs LXi, oxygen and ECG machine, crash cart and defibrillator.

The laboratory is CLIA certified and is equipped with a minus 20 refrigerator, a TemPure Scientific Laboratory Freezer for blood and plasma storage, two centrifuges including a Smart PReP2 Harvest centrifuge, a Test Tube Shaker, Clinitek Urine Analyzer, and Stambio Hemopoint, a hemoglobin, and hematocrit analyzer.

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