Possible Benefits Of Participating In A Clinical Trial

1) Access to the medications that are not FDA approved.

You may have already tried every available medication for your condition. The medication under investigation may be effective in treating the symptoms or condition you have, though there is no guarantee that you will benefit. If you are already on a medication that you like, it is probably not advisable to switch to a new medication. Discuss your decision to participate in a study with your family and doctor.

2) Increased Care

You may receive your regular care in a large clinic or see a health care provider with many patients. As a result, you may not have as much one-on-one time with your healthcare provider as you would like. When you get involved in a clinical trial, you develop a relationship with the research team (the investigator, study coordinators, therapists, and nurses running the trial.) You may benefit from having more health professionals involved in your care. The research team can be a great resource for questions about your diagnosis.


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